ABI & ABI INDIA NIDHI a division of the ABI & ABI Groups, aims to enable people fulfill all their ambitions. We think of ourselves, not as a “loan provider”, but as a partner in your quest to fulfill your biggest ambitions in life and in business. In this time we have evolved from a consumer finance business to an asset funding company.

The company has a handpicked team of professionals specially trained in their respective fields. In the past years, we have won the trust of thousands of customers whose satisfaction and loyalty shows in our upward moving business graph.

What’s more, with the help of our easy-to-use loan assistance schemes, you can decide on the tenure, interest rate and the loan amount that best suits you. With our wide range of secured loans there’s no reason for you to settle for something less, when you can achieve something bigger.

We offer an exhaustive suite of financial solutions :

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Attractive returns and safety, in one Investment.

Invest. Earn. Grow.

Saving money every month but just letting it lie in your bank account?

Make your money work for you with ABI & ABI Fixed Deposits. Unlike other investment tools, Fixed Deposits are not market-driven. Invest with us and Sit back, Relax and Watch your wealth grow safely & securely by offering guaranteed returns with Best Interest rates.

In these uncertain times, get the most of your hard-earned money without any risk by investing in a safe investment option to boost your savings and get assured returns by investing in a Fixed Deposit. The convenience of investing along with the safety of your deposit can help you plan your short-term and long-term goals easily.

That’s why we say #GROW WITH ABI & ABI.

ABI & ABI is now offering interest rates of up to 12% P.A. on Fixed Deposit. Get guaranteed returns on your investment.


Provides you with regular monthly income.
Monthly interest is directly credited to your bank account.
Ideal for retired people, housewives and senior citizens.
Interest paid on the Last Day of Every Month.

Interest Payment Modes

Through ECS/NEFT.

By way of 'at par' cheques where ECS/NEFT facility is not available.



Grow your wealth with attractive interest rates up to 12%P.A. that are among the best in the industry and are independent of market influences. Get regular interest payments on monthly, quarterly, annual or compounded basis and achieve your financial goals- be it stress-free money management on a day-to-day basis or building a retirement fund. Investing in this FD can help you accumulate your wealth and grow your corpus, with assured returns.


For senior citizens seeking safe investment avenues to invest their life savings, ABI & ABI Fixed Deposit offers the benefit of high safety with additional returns of 0.25% over and above the regular interest rate to ensure you have a comfortable retirement. Senior citizens can also choose the option of periodic payouts, to fund regular expenses.


When investing with ABI & ABI, you can choose the tenor between 12 and 60 months, to suit your financial needs. This can help you with your liquidity needs, and you can ladder your investments to enjoy a higher cash inflow.


It is always better to avoid breaking your FD so your money can keep growing. But if you need to fulfil urgent or immediate financial needs or need to make a major purchase, worry not. Enjoy convenient withdrawals with us on applicable terms and conditions.


It is simple to open a Fixed Deposit as the process starts online. As an existing customer can easily invest in FD with an easy online application process, which saves you time and trouble. You can save the hassle of submitting lengthy documentation or waiting in queues for opening your Fixed Deposit with ABI & ABI. As a new customer, you can fill in our online application form, so our representative can get in touch with you.

If you want some guidance on the process, contact support at +9196266 96266 and mail to nidhi@abiabi.org and we will be happy to guide you.


You can start investing with as little as ₹ 1,00,000 which makes it easier to invest and can choose to make deposits on a monthly, quarterly or annual payment plan. With this minimum deposit amount, you can start investing any time, without having to wait to accumulate a larger corpus. Even with a smaller minimum deposit amount, you can ladder your investments, and earn better returns. FDs are a convenient way to make saving a habit in a safe and secured manner, while earning high returns.


At ABI & ABI, we assure you of the highest level of security for your money, always. We offer one of the safest investment options for investors, so your investments are never at risk.


In case of emergencies, you can withdraw prematurely from the fixed deposit, post the initial lock-in period. However, in order to avoid loss of interest, you can choose to avail a Loan against Fixed Deposit, where you can take an easy loan against your FD of up to 90% of the FD value and pay interest at applicable rates prevailing at that time.


When filling your FD application form, you can choose to auto-renew your FD and save the hassle of filling in the renewal form again during maturity.


When filling your FD application form, you can also choose to invest in multiple deposits through a single cheque payment. Opt for different tenors and interest payment frequencies for each of these deposits. In case you need urgent cash, you can prematurely withdraw from a single deposit, without having to break all other deposits.

Investing in a ABI & ABI Fixed Deposit offers you a balance of convenient investment process, lucrative interest rates of up to 12% P.A, and safety of your deposits, which makes it one of the safest investment option for you to grow your savings easily.

Rates & Charges for Fixed Deposit

1 11.00% 11.30%
2 11.25% 12.24%
3 11.50% 13.29%
4 11.75% 14.47%
5 12.00% 15.82%

Terms & Conditions

Mode of Repayment of Deposit: The repayment of deposit will be made on the due date on receipt of the deposit receipt duly discharged over a revenue stamp of₹ 1/- Any repayment of ₹ 20,000/- and above will be made only through a Bankers A/c payee Cheque / Demand Draft as per the provisions of income Tax Act 1961. In the case of Former of Survivor (F or S) deposit the discharge has to be made by the first named depositor during his/her life time. However in the case of joint accounts the deposit receipt should be discharged by both the depositors.

Maturity Period of Deposit: Deposits can be opened for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum period of 60 months.

Interest payable on the Deposits: The rate of Interest which is at present in force may vary from time to time in respect of deposits, at the discretion of the Board. Existing interest Rates based on the tenure as given in the website of the company.

Prematurity: No deposit shall be repaid before the expiry of three months from the date of deposit. Interest payment of premature withdrawals of deposits would be as follows.

After expiry of 3 months but before expiry of 6 months: No interest.

After Expiry of 6 months but before expiry of 12 months: Not exceeding 8% p.a.

After expiry of 12 months but before the date of maturity: 3% p.a. less than the rate which the company would have ordinarily paid, had the deposit been accepted for the period for which such deposit had run. In the event of death of a depositor, the deposit may be repaid prematurely, if required, to the surviving depositor/s in the case of joint holding with survivor clause or to the Nominee or Legal heir/s with interest at the rate which the company would have ordinarily paid, had the deposit been accepted for the period for which such deposit had run, up to the date of repayment.

Terms and conditions:

Interest ceases to accrue from the date of maturity of the deposit, unless renewed.

No overdue interest is payable if such amount is unclaimed after the due date.

The acceptance of deposit amounts and the duration period of the deposit and the rate of interest is subject to the rules in force now and as fixed by the Board from time to time with regard to various kinds of deposit.

In the event of loss or destruction or mutilation of a Deposit receipt, the company may at its sole discretion issue a duplicate, upon receiving an indemnity Bond from the depositors, in a form prescribed by the Board. All expenses in this connection will have to be borne by the depositor.

The Deposits made in the name of a minor may be operated upon or withdrawn by the person making the deposit and representing the minor as his or her guardian. In case of demise of such guardian any other person claiming as guardian shall not be entitled to operate upon or withdraw the deposit unless permitted by the Board of Directors which shall be at their discretion. Moneys so paid to such guardians shall afford a complete discharge to the company for payment of the deposit and shall not be questioned by minor or by anyone on his or her behalf.

The board reserves the right to reject any application for deposit without assigning any reason therefore.

The Payment will be made on the succeeding working day if due date is a holiday.

It is not obligatory on the part of the board to give notice or advance intimation about the maturity of the deposit.

The Depositor may appoint a person of his choice as his “Nominee” in the prescribed form to receive the proceeds of Deposit after his demise.

In order to be effective, depositor’s instruction, in relation to change of address, tax exemption, etc., must be notified to the board at least 30 days before payment of interest or principal becomes due.

TDS at applicable rates will be made, subject to submission of form 15G/15H, in accordance with the provision of Income Tax act. 1961.

Deposits of₹ 20,000/- and above will be accepted only by way of crossed account payee draft/ cheque, as per the provisions of the income – tax, Act 1961.

Deposit receipt is not transferable. However if the depositor wants to convert the self-deposit account “E or S” or “F or S” or Joint Account the conversion will be permitted only at the discretion of the board.

The Board reserves the right to refund the deposit accepted before the expiry of the period fixed for such deposit, on notice, without assigning any reason. If the depositor fails to receive back the amount on the date mentioned in the notice the deposit amount shall carry no interest thereafter.

Income-Tax wherever applicable will be deducted at source in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961 and Tax will not be deducted if declaration in Form 15G/15H required under the Act as furnished to the board at the beginning of each financial year.

For other rules and regulations regarding all kinds of Deposits, the board may be contacted.

The Board of Directors reserve the right to alter or amend any of the terms and conditions mentioned here and the Board’s decision is final.

Renewals: Deposit can be renewed by signing the deposit receipt on the reverse (without revenue stamp) and accompanied by Renewal application form duly filled in and signed. In the case of Former or Survivor (F or S) deposit only the first named depositor can sign the deposit receipt for renewal. Deposit receipt is not transferable. Hence no addition, deletion or change of names is permissible during the currency of the deposit receipt. The company will not recognise any lien, charge or other encumbrance on deposit. Depositors are requested to intimate any change in address. Cheques/drafts should be drawn in favourable of “ABI & ABI INDIA NIDHI LTD” crossed “A/c Payee”. Drafts should be made payable at any bank in CHENNAI. Renewal of Deposits shall be made within 91 days from the date of maturity.

Loans: The Depositor may avail a loan against the deposit receipt subject to the rules of the company.

Any other special features or terms and conditions subject to which the deposit is accepted or renewed.

In case of non – payment of the deposit or part thereof as per the terms and conditions of such deposit, the depositor may approach the Register of Companies having jurisdiction over the Company.

In case of any deficiency of the Nidhi or Mutual Benefit Society in servicing its deposit, the deposit or may approach the National Consumers Disputes Redressal Forum, the State Level Consumers Disputes Redressal Forum, or District Level Consumers Disputes Redressal Forum for relief.

The deposits accepted by company are not insured and the repayment of deposits is not guaranteed by either the Central Government or the Reserve Bank of India.

The financial position of the company as disclosed and the representations made in the application form are true and correct and that the company and Board of Directors are responsible for the correctness and veracity thereof.

The financial activities of the company are regulated by the Central Government. It must, however, be distinctly understood that the Central Government does not undertake any responsibility for the financial soundness of the company or for the correctness of any of the statement or the representations made or opinions expressed by the company and for repayment of deposit/ discharge of liabilities by the company.

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