Shri Abiram Marketing started out the business of trading or marketing the best qualified brands like Livguard, Savsol, etc. We, the Abi & Abi groups take up the business of marketing the useful things to the customers. So here we took up the Livguard brand of Inverters, inverter batteries, Voltage Stabilizers and so on. Livguard come up with variety of models in every products depending on the customer’s requirement.

Livguard includes inverters, inverter batteries, vrla batteries, automotive batteries like car & suv, 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, e-rickshaw, bus & truck, tractor and for residential solar solutions. We are having a very wide network of highly reputed clients spread all over the globe.

Since our establishment, we have been assisting an endless list of satisfied customers in India as well as in other foreign countries who have apprehended our products.

Automotive Batteries

No matter what your destination, Livguard automotive batteries are all about delivering the perfect road experience. They are designed for the extra performance of your vehicle in challenging road situations and all types of weather conditions.

Car & SUV Batteries

A modern car needs a modern car battery. The technologically advanced Zing car batteries from Livguard give you enduring performance and best in class warranty cover of up to 72 months. The durable construction of this car battery makes it ideal for use in extreme weather conditions.

Zing Eterna ZE 38B20 L

Zing Eterna ZE 38B20 R

Zing Eterna ZE 55B24LS L

Zing Ultra ZU DIN44 LH L

Zing Ultra ZU DIN50 L

Zing Ultra ZU DIN55 R

Zing Ultra ZU DIN60 L

Zing Ultra ZU DIN65 LH L

Zing Ultra ZU 38B20 L

Zing Ultra ZU 38B20 R

Zing Primo ZE 38B20 L

Zing Primo ZP 70D26 L

Two Wheeler Batteries

Designed to deliver a power-packed ride, Livguard motorcycle and scooter batteries are the best choice for the narrow lanes and tough terrains of India.

MoRide LGBTX2.5






Three Wheeler Batteries

Designed to deliver a power-packed ride, Livguard Three-Wheeler batteries are the best choice for narrow lanes and tough terrains of India.

Autoz LGM F0 AR32 R

Autoz LGM F0 AR60 L

E-Rickshaw Batteries

Specially designed for E-Rickshaws, our batteries are environment-friendly that promise enormous power and charge faster resulting in more savings.

E-Shakti LG B0 ERFP 1500

E-Shakti LG B0 ERTU 1600

E-Shakti LG C0 ERTU 1800

Bus and Truck Batteries

Designed to meet the extreme energy demands of heavy commercial vehicles, Livguard batteries are built to survive the rough roads, intense climates and harsh operating environments.

Humraahi LGL FB 130 R

Humraahi LGL FF 100 L

Humraahi LGL FF 80 R

Humraahi LGL H0 150R

Tractor Batteries

Built to meet the varied performance requirements of agricultural vehicles, our batteries enhance the performance of tractors while operating in demanding conditions and all types of terrains.

Pradhan LGL FF TR75 R

Pradhan LGL FF TR90 L

Humraahi LGL FF 100 L

Solar Batteries

When planning for today, it's often hard to think beyond what you need right now. Our range of Livguard residential solar solutions are future-focused and designed to meet the needs of a healthier tomorrow. Choose to be smart so that your home today can really be a home for your lifetime.

Solar Battery LS 4036ST

Solar Battery LS 7536ST

Solar Battery LS 10060TT

Solar battery LS 13560TT

Solar Battery LS 15060PTT

Solar Battery LS 16560TT

Solar Battery LS 18060PTT

Solar Battery LS 20060TT

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