shri thiagaraja educational health & charitable trust

Shri Thiagaraja educational, health and charitable trust have been initially started to set up the amenities that are related to the education, health and charities.

These includes, providing free education for the children with great knowledge whomsoever could not able to take up their higher studies, to take up the blood donation camp, free medical health check up and charitable trust etc., We are doing the mentioned services in an effective way for many years from being a unit of a professionally managed and fast growing company of Abi & Abi groups of Companies & Media.

blood donation camp

Blood Donation Camp has been initiated to meet the essential solutions for most of the human sufferings regarding the need of blood during the medicinal operations of an individual. The camp has been carried in the name of Shri Thiagaraja Educational health and charitable trust by Abi & Abi group of Companies. We also encourage volunteers for the blood donation and taking part in our camp for organizing as well. With this sacred service, we need to spend only a period of 15 minutes to save one’s life. We organize camps at the institutions and were offered to the blood banks.

free medical health check

The main objective of our ideation of free medical health check up is to give hands to the needy people. The health check up camps have been organized by our Shri Thiagaraja educational, health & charitable trust. The people who cannot able to take up the medical checkups on their own, are offered to get theirs by our trust. Especially, the senior citizens of under poverty line, are provided with this offer and them to utilize and get their medicinal values. We used to conduct medical camp at free of cost. It has been done periodically at various places with prior notice. So, then many can have benefited with our camp. We also encourage people to get involved in our organizing camps and take it reach a higher level and make many more to get benefited.

free education

Free education is started for a good cause of giving education for financially disabled children to get educated at zero fee. It has been successfully taken over by Shri Thiagaraja educational, health and charitable trust. The free education is being offered by the benefit of charitable trusts. The money lender will offer the financial support to our trust and talented children who could not able to pay the money for their education will get benefits from the trust.

blood donation camp

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