Shri Abiram Marketing is one of the leading businesses that take up the trading or marketing the products of Micromax, Okaya inverter batteries, savsol lubricating oils and livguard inverter batteries. It is one of the divisions of Abi & Abi group of Companies, Institutions & Media which is a fast growing company. There are different types of inverters, lubricating oils and micromax products available with best quality with greater efficiency of life time. Shri Abiram Marketing is one of the divisions of the leading professionally developing company known as Abi & Abi group of Companies, Institutions & media.


Shri Abiram started up a trade or business of marketing the micromax mobiles almost all over the region. It has been set up initially as a small scale business to reach at some higher extent with our reliable Abi & Abi groups..

The variety of models available with our renowned company for sales and marketing. The quality of the brands are well maintained

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Shri Abiram Marketing have taken up the business of trading the most essential electrical products in our daily life for both the commercial and industrial purposes.

Okaya is best known for its batteries available with various models in the market for various applications. The renowned Abi groups has taken the charge of Shri Abiram marketing to raise up to the next level.

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Abi & Abi groups have taken up the trade or business of marketing the automotive lubricants as in the name of Shri Abiram Marketing. Shri Abiram started dealing with the best quality of Savsol automotive lubricants and initiated to selling it to the customers.

Savsol comprises of wide range of superior engine oils for both petrol and diesel engines and an advanced lubricants to various applications of car engine oils, bike engine oils..

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Shri Abiram Marketing started out the business of trading or marketing the best qualified brands like Livguard, Savsol, etc. We, the Abi & Abi groups take up the business of marketing the useful things to the customers.

So here we took up the Livguard brand of Inverters, inverter batteries, Voltage Stabilizers and so on. Livguard come up with variety of models in every products depending on the customer’s requirement.

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